Darrin Fuchs

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I have been a licensed realtor in the state of Idaho since 2005. Growing up I worked with my father and gained an understanding of the power of real estate, simply put, it has power to improve the quality of one’s life both emotionally and financially. I listen to my clients and then help them identify the home that will fulfill their needs and financial goals. My bachelor’s degree from WSU and 15+ years of experience in buying, selling, investing, flipping, managing and developing real estate are an invaluable resource for my clients. Today’s real estate landscape can be confusing; there is no shortage of contradictory and misinformation to navigate through; as a retired navy intelligence reservist my analytical skills have been honed in interpreting raw data an formulating a cohesive picture of what is happing. I am an experienced, hardworking guide that will make your real estate journey more enjoyable and more profitable. Ask my happy clients about their experience. How can I serve you?